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American Seating and Mobility has served thousands of power mobility customers since 2002.   Standard and high end power wheelchair products and solutions can be overwhelming when it is time to consider your first chair or moving onto a new chair.  It is important to make sure that you are working with an experienced supplier that can work with your healthcare team to evaluate you or your loved one for the most appropriate products to meet the unique needs of the individual and their every day environment.

American Seating and Mobility is fully staffed at our four branches with RESNA Certified Assisitive Technology Professionals who are certified to work with your healthcare team to evaluate and provide power wheelchair solutions for those consumers in need of these mobility products.  As a matter of fact, our ATPs has a combined XXX years of experience working in the industry to provide the most appropriate mobility device for consumers all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  We work with a wide variety of insurance companies to provide standard and high end power wheelchairs for those in need.  Not only to we provide the chairs, we deliver, warranty and service our customers for the life of the products and beyond.

Power Wheelchair Solutions

Standard Power

Standard power wheelchairs traditionally are for those who have very little to no ability to walk on their own in their home environment.  Some examples of diagnosis for standard power wheelchairs are Arthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathies, etc.  They often require a prescription from your doctor and should clearly document the necessity for the equipment. The beneficiary is willing and must be able to safely operate a power chair,  improve limitations in MRADLs ( mobility-related activities of daily living) primarily within the home and a manual wheelchair is ruled out.  Often power wheelchairs are for those with impaired physical functioning, lack of postural stability or upper body strength, absence of in-home accessibility for a scooter and/or the need for additional features that only a power chair may provide.  American Seating and Mobility’s staff is well qualified in working with you and/or your physician to evaluate you or your loved one’s situation to see if qualifications are met for a power wheelchair.

High End Power

Many times an individual’s condition or diagnosis may qualify for a high end power wheelchair with special features to meet both positioning and mobility requirements.  These conditions and diagnosis often include mobility limitation due to a neurological condition, myopathy, or congenital skeletal deformity and often may be progressive.  High end power wheelchair requires a face to face session with a supplier which has an Assistive Technology Professional on staff, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician or other healthcare professional.  These specialty wheelchairs also include power seating functions such as tilt, recline, leg rest, seat elevators and high end specialty electronics that allows the wheelchair user to control the power wheelchair based on their unique situation.  These power wheelchairs often offer aggressive seating and positioning features through their custom seating systems.  American Seating and Mobility has some of the most experienced ATP in the Pacific Northwest on staff and has provided thousands of power wheelchairs over the years.

Custom Solutions

Every single consumer of power wheelchair products is unique.  They have unique body types, different diagnosis with secondary issues such as positioning needs and skin protection and many other factors that must be taken into consideration. Many times custom power wheelchair solutions must be provided for wheelchair users when addressing these issues so that a consumer can live their life as independently as possible.  Power wheelchair bases come in different configurations to address mobility. There are infinite seating systems to consider for each consumer and no two people are alike.  Providing high end power wheelchairs is an art which sometimes calls for great creativity for the consumer to drive or be positioned perfectly in their chair for maximum functionality in their activities of daily living.  That is why working with your healthcare professionals along with the certified Assistive Technology Professional is required for these types of products.  American Seating and Mobility has the experience and background to work with you and your healthcare team to provide the most appropriate custom power chair solution for you.

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