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Our branch in Olympia, Washington covers much of the state of Washington providing consumers with standard to high-end wheelchair products and solutions. We work have worked with many healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, caseworkers and many others to provide the most appropriate equipment for Washington residents. The Olympia branch staffs Assistive Technology Professionals and a dedicated staff to ensure that you receive the best equipment available that addresses mobility, seating and positioning issues. We work with many different insurance companies and are very experienced in processing equipment request for funding.

Manual Wheelchairs


American Seating and Mobility provides manual wheelchair solutions via our professionals staff of Assistive Technology Professionals who works with physical and occupational therapists to evaluate patients for the most appropriate type of manual chair.  Our Fife branch provides light weight and ultralight weight manual wheelchairs for those who use these chairs for their everyday mobility.  We also provide tilt in space wheelchairs for those who are more involved who require more aggressive positioning and pressure relief.

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Power Wheelchairs


Our Fife branch provides both standard and high end power wheelchairs via our very experienced staff of insurance processing team and our certified ATPs.  There is very specific criteria that must be met in Washington when it comes to acquiring a power wheelchair.  We work with your healthcare professionals such as your physical therapist, occupational therapists and/or physician to make sure that you qualify for the most appropriate power wheelchair product for your unique situation.  There is a significant difference between a standard power wheelchair and a more complex power wheelchair that offers power seating functions such as tilt, recline, elevated seating and power leg rest.

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Seating and Positioning


Our branch in Fife, Washington is very experienced in evaluating and providing high end wheelchair seating and positioning products for consumers.  Seating and positioning products often include wheelchair backs, cushions, head support, trunk supports, belts and harnesses and any other components to address positioning for those wheelchair users with unique challenges as well as pressure relief solutions to prevent pressure sores that those clients that often have these issues when confined to a wheelchair.  Our staff of ATPs are some of the most experienced in all of Montana at providing these unique products.  We work closely with the clients healthcare professionals by working together as a team to provide the most appropriate products for your unique situation.

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Our Seattle Branch Professionals

Gary Martin, ATP

My name is Gary Martin, I have been married to my wife Debi for 28 years, we have 2 children: a daughter Nicole who is 19, and a son  Noah who is 17. I have been in the DME profession for 27 years, speciality wheelchairs for 20. I started working in medical supplies when I was 20 years old, as a delivery tech. Delivering everything from Oxygen, hospital beds, walkers and of course wheelchairs and anything else you can think of. I have worked for different medical supply companies, from Washington State to California. I hold an ATP designation, and currently work with American Seating and Mobility. Most of my spare time is spent with my family on skiing, camping and road trips. I also try to fit golfing with my in-laws and friends .

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