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Mobility is very important to maintain your high quality of life as well as to continue to do the things you love most.  Electric mobility scooters are the perfect solution for those who require assistance with their mobility to enjoy the great outdoors including events, family gatherings, traveling and much more.  They also allow you to remain independent by allowing you to accomplish life’s tasks such as shopping at the store, going to the doctor and much more.  Of course, depending on your home environment, the appropriate mobility scooter can help you or your loved one to live independently in the home environment.

There is much more to mobility scooters than one would think.  Many aspects must be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate scooter to meet the unique needs of the person who requires a scooter.   Our sales team is highly trained in working with families to determine appropriate scooter solutions and has provided many great options for consumers in the Pacific Northwest.  Contact one of our branches today for more info. We are dedicated to helping you.

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3 Wheel Scooters

There are a lot of options when it comes to mobility scooter. Which one you choose is a decision that depends solely on your needs. A 3 wheel scooter is one of the most ideal options for long distance mobility while navigating smaller environments and needing to be transportable. The 3 wheel scooter design is made to make the mobility device as portable as possible. Depending on the model you can simply fold the scooter and put it in the back of your car to use whenever there is need for it.  The 3 wheel design allows for a tighter turning radius compared to a 4 wheel option while also allowing you to get up closer to counters, tables, sinks and other furniture.  The 3 wheel scooter is designed to be as efficient in movement as possible. This means that even in areas where there is little space for movement the scooter will still find a way to fit.  The 3 wheel scooter often has a basket at the front that you can load up with essentials depending on your activities.  This allows you to carry some essentials around without having to compromise on comfort.

4 Wheel Scooters

4 wheel mobility scooters are often designed with more rugged mobility in mind and is a great option for longer usage, especially outdoors.  There are dozens of configurations of 4 wheel scooters ensuring that there is a design that will meet your unique needs.   There are different designs meant for different purposes with varied accessory options so that you can choose what you need.  A 4 wheel scooter is made for long distance movement without compromising on comfort. They offer superior outdoor performance and are typically more stable providing a more comfortable ride.  It is very important to consider your life goals and daily living tasks when selecting the appropriate scooter.

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