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Ultralight Wheelchairs: A Revolution in Wheelchair Manufacturing

Manual wheelchairs are a necessary part in the lives of millions of people worldwide.  Many of these individuals who suffer from a temporary injury, such as a broken bone or recovering from some other injury, may require the use of a wheelchair to get around temporarily. However, others are plagued with chronic illness, diagnosis or have endured […]

High end power wheelchairs have many benefits for consumers

People with disabilities which restrict their mobility have dramatically experienced improvements in their lives due to this innovative technology that keeps on improving day by day. The seating options of a power wheelchair are enhanced by its ability to tilt, recline and elevate the leg rests. These features have made the power wheelchair an essential part of everyday living […]

12 Physiological Benefits of Tilt-in-Space Chairs

Many different types of wheelchairs are available on the market. However, tilt-in-space wheelchairs (manual or powered) offers a wide variety of benefits to certain consumers which cannot be obtained by a traditional seating system without the ability to force a weight shift by tilting. Throughout the day, people keep changing their positions. They sit up, tucking their […]